Monday, September 21, 2009

Pakistani Stage Drama and Shows

Pakistan is famous for making quality stage dramas and shows in all our the world.Pakistani drama and stage show are very popular.Pakistan has great artists, actors and actresses in the field of stage, drama and shows.
Although the film industry of pakistan is not top level, but the drama industry is making allot of money in pakistan and pakistan has made top class dramas.
Pakistan has allot of talented peoples in every fields, but the problem is that there is no support from the government and from media.
The famous actors include
1:- Humayun Saeed
According to wikipedia Humayun Saeed is the famous actor in pakistan. He has four brothers and living in Rehman Plaza located in the area of Saddar.
He done and joined a firm in karachi.His drama career starts from drama "YE JAHAN" and begin his sucessful career.
2:- Adnan Saddiqui
3:- Nabeel
4:- Yasir Nawaz
5:- Shabbir Jan
6:- Noman Ajaz
7:- Faisal Qureshi
8:- shamail Khan

The famous actrocess include
1:- Sadia Imam
2:- Sania Saeed
3:- Sameena Peerzada
4: -Nadia Jamil
5:- Farah Shah
6:- Marina Khan
7:- Uzma Gilani
8:- Shehnaz Sheikh
9:- Maria Wasti
10:- Mahnoor Balooch
11:- Nadia Khan
12:- Sawera Nadeem
Currently there are allot of more famous actress and actresses, but these are the famous and well known in pakistan.
You can watch all the dramas of these faverote stars at different websites.I want to share some Pakistani stage drama and shows websites.

Pakistani Stage Drama are also very famous in all our the world. Normally all the stage drama are playing in panjabi language.Urdu stage drama are also made allot of business, but panjabi stage drama are very famous.
Famous stage drama include
1:- Husan Dewana Ishq Masthana
2:- Dewani Ban Jaoge
3:- Teri Meri Ek Marzi
4:- Mehendhi Laghi mery Hath
5:- Dulhan Chalbaz

And allot of more pakistani stage drama and shows are famous in all our the world. Stage Dram and Stage Show are making very good business in pakistan. Pakistan is the only country to produce good and quality stage drama and stage shows.